To My Now Grade 3s

Dear my Now Grade 3s,

It is amazing to think how fast this year went.  I feel honoured to have had each of you in my class this year.  It was such a pleasure coming in every morning to your smiling faces, anxiously looking at the board to discover what we were doing that day.

We did so much together and had such an amazing time.  We went skating, swimming, went to the museum and City Hall! We enjoyed learning math games, the Daily 5, about animal, about water, about sports, Meadow Lake and so much more. 

There was nothing more exciting than overhearing you talk to each other about something you were learning about in class.  I loved hearing you coach each other when Reading to Someone and the excitement you had to share an amazing book you had been reading.  Those proud looks you had on your faces when you finally figured out how to solve your problem, were priceless. 

You were a thoughtful group of students who thought of others and deeply cared how you made one another feel.  As well, you showed compassion when someone was hurting and were always eager to help everyone. 

I look back and see how far each of you have come since the fall in all areas.  I know each of your success is due to your hard work and your passion for learning.  Keep this spirit in grade 3!  

I will miss you next year as another teacher will get the pleasure of teaching you.  Don’t forget to come say hi every now and then! 

Mrs. Tarvit

p.s. Keep reading!

Thank You

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to Ms. Brenda Roots.  She has been incredible at taking over 2T while I have been gone.  I got to go in for a visit today and see all of the wonderful things she has been doing with the class.  She has kept them working hard.  The students are lucky to have her. 

Thank you to all of the families that have been supportive of me through my injury.  I am on the mend, but it will be a long process.  

I was so excited to come in today for a short visit. I have missed seeing the students everyday.   I got to hear some of the students read and will hear the rest soon.   Hearing students read has always been my favourite part of the school day.  I plan to come in for visits in the next few weeks and listen to reading!    It’s amazing what good readers they all have become. 

Trip to City Hall

On Thursday, we went on a trip to City Hall. We leaned about how decisions are made in Meadow Lake. As well, we heard about some of the history of Meadow Lake. We even met the mayor and learned what his job is. He told is all about what makes a great leader!







Year End Trip

This year for our year end trip we are going to the Children’s Festival in North Battleford. We will be going on June 6th and will be gone for the entire day.  Please remember a bagged lunch that day for your child. For more information about the Children’s Festival we will be attending you can visit their website here and download the 2014 Children’s Festival Booklet.

For this trip we need as many volunteers as possible.  If you are able to help us that day please let us know. 

There will be a note with more information about our trip going home next week. 

Spring Concert

2T along with 1/2 MT and 2S will be putting together a spring concert!  Please mark May 23rd in your calendars.  The concert will take place at 12:45 in the afternoon. 

I Spy Animals

Over the last month, the grade 2s have been learning about animals and animal life cycles in science and in English.  We have been reading about animals, writing information about animals, writing stories about animals and watching videos about animals.

Next, we will be exploring the relationships that humans have with animals.  We use animals for food, we have animals as pets, and we encounter wild animals as well.  Many of our families are farmers, have horses or hunt. I want to bring all of these relationships into the classroom.  Over the next week, I would ask that you notice and record animals that you see.  These animals could be your pet dog, cat, rabbit or fish.  They can be animals on a farm.  As well, they can simply be the raven eating the garbage on the street, an ant on the sidewalk or a deer at the side of the road.

I have attached below a form that you can use to record the animals you saw.

Please return the list of animals for Monday, May 12, 2014.

Click Here to get a copy of the list: I Spy Animals