Outcome Based Report Cards

Next year the Northwest School Division is switching their report cards. They are going to be VERY different than this year.

Here is a link that provides some information on the new reporting system: click.

As well, Gateway is having an information night on Monday. I encourage all parents to attend to learn about this report card.

How My Family Used Math Last Night

We use math everyday!  We use math when we are buying groceries, or food.  We use math when setting the temperature on the oven or measuring ingredients while cooking.  We set timers for food, alarms to wake up and we are continuously telling time.

Many sports use math. As a curler, I noticed how I used math.   I had to notice angles, record the score, and estimate the speed of the rock. There are many other ways we use math daily.

I want the students to start recognizing math in their everyday lives and in yours.  Talk with your child about how you use math daily.  On Tuesday night I will send home a sticky note in every child’s agenda.  I ask that you talk about how you have used math that day and have your child write 1 way someone in their family used math that day on the sticky note and sign their name at the bottom.  We will be sharing the answers on Wednesday morning. 

Little Scientist

The grade 2s are excited to participate in our little scientist day on Friday, April 11 at 12:40!  To make this day successful we need as many volunteers as possible.  If you or someone you know (friend, grandparent, aunt or uncle) is available that day to help out it would be greatly appreciated.  Please return forms (they were in the newsletter) or contact me through your child’s agenda for Tuesday!  The more volunteers we have the smaller the groups can be. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

We are asking the students to dress up as scientist this day!  They can do this by wearing an old oversize button up shirt as a lab coat.